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Our vision

Our vision is to be the partner of choice for automotive

Our strategy

1. Focus on our customers
The success of our business is dependent on the success of our customers. A priority for us is therefore to ensure that we keep the customer at the heart of our organisation. We want to be the automotive partner of choice for both consumers and our trade customers. What this means in practice is a clear and consistent focus on ensuring that we consider the customer at all levels of decision-making.

For our consumers, this means a focus on innovation to meet their ever-changing needs. Ensuring they can access the information they want, wherever and whenever they need it is vital to maintaining their brand loyalty.

For our dealers, this means an unrelenting focus on driving the best response and return on investment for their advertising. We invest considerable time and effort in providing new tools to demonstrate value, new products which enable dealers to manage their businesses more effectively, and new platforms for them to reach all consumer segments.

2. Migration to digital platforms
The transition to a digital business has been a major part of our strategy in recent years. We have now successfully completed the transition and delivered on this strategy in the UK. Although our magazines reached 31,000 car buyers a week on average during 2012/13, our main focus, and that of our customers, has been to embrace and develop our digital platforms. Our website, for example, now attracts over 11.5 million unique users a month, making it by far the UK’s largest automotive classified website (with a 68% share of page views).

Auto Trader was the first classified brand to launch as a website (in 1996) and is now truly a digital business, with a strong history of delivering innovation. Our commitment to digital innovation ensures that we maintain our market leading position. Our determination ensures we drive the greatest amount of high-quality leads to our dealers and provide the best return on investment for their advertising.

Our digital platforms continue to evolve at a rapid pace, the mobile sites and apps that we offer across all devices continue to drive new opportunities for the business. The mobile site alone generates just over 3.5 million unique users, providing dealers and consumers with an effective search tool designed both for general use and for use closer to the point of purchase (much of our mobile usage is driven by consumers refining their searches on dealer forecourts).

3. Investing in innovation and technology
We continue to invest in innovation and technology to drive the core of our business - the customer. The products we develop focus on generating more response for dealers. We continually strive to provide the best consumer search experience, enabling consumers to make more informed choices about the cars they want to purchase and the dealers they visit. Our goal is to make the buying and selling of vehicles as easy as possible for both consumers and dealer customers.

Our investment and innovation encompasses all aspects of our multi-platform digital business. We have invested in back office solutions that support the core business and strengthen our relationship with our customers. We acquired Delta Point Associates Ltd ("Deltapoint"), an industry leading data analytics provider, to bolster our data intelligence products. We continue to develop our digital marketing services, with RAZSOR websites focusing on providing dealers with the best website to gain direct consumer traffic. All of this ensures our consumers can come to Trader Media Group for all their vehicle buying needs..


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