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AutoTrader is the leading car buying and selling brand in the UK and as such, provides the ideal destination for advertising, be that a brand campaign that needs to reach a specific audience or more tactical campaigns looking to drive brochure requests or insurance quotes. We run thousands of advertising campaigns every year delivering great results for our advertisers from General Motors through to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

We are committed to delivering high-performing and innovative campaigns to our customers and we have years of experience working with media agencies in the West End and across the rest of the country delivering effective solutions to their customers. Our sales teams are experts in both the automotive market (so they can understand your customer’s business) and also in their chosen media, be that online or mobile - if you are looking for a multi-media solution. We will work with you to develop a bespoke solution to deliver your client’s objectives and we aim to make the whole experience easy and enjoyable with a dedicated client services team to ensure your campaigns go live on time and to provide you with reporting as and when you need it.

We continue to develop our solutions and we also aim to provide unique market insights at our Agency Insight Events on a quarterly basis, this information will help you to better understand your clients and to provide them with unique market data which may help them to shape their marketing campaigns. If you would like to know more about our solutions or attend our next event, please contact a member of our team on: 08444 706 761.


Auto Trader


AutoTrader.co.uk is the largest UK website reaching in-market car buyers. With up to 10m unique users Auto Trader is the ideal platform for your advertising campaign, offering exceptional targeting capabilities by postcode, make/model and even price to ensure your advertising drives maximum ROI.

With our wide range of advertising formats, from the standard banner through to home page skins and dedicated areas, we can create a package to suit your needs - whether high-impact branding or targeted tactical campaigns. We work with all the top manufacturers in the UK, delivering a multitude of solutions to suit their requirements.

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