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The Board and Executive Committee team have set operational KPIs which are tracked, and reviewed, at each Board and Executive meeting in order to assess performance.

The year end was 1 April 2013.

Group revenue (£m)
(continuing operations)

Group Revenue

The group’s revenues declined by 2% as the growth in the Digital business was offset by the fall in magazine revenues. Stronger sterling also impacted overseas revenue.

Digital UK revenue (£m)

Trader Digital Revenue

A good performance from the Digital division as revenues grew by 5% over last year. This achievement was delivered despite the lack of vehicles in the market and was the result of growth in the core dealer offering from a new package approach coupled with the success of RAZSOR.

(continuing operations)


EBITDA** growth of 1% was achieved as the group benefited from a higher margin and growing Digital business. Record levels of marketing spend boosted audience levels to new highs but tempered the EBITDA improvement.

Covenant net debt (£m)

Covenant net debt

Strong operating cash flow of £130.1 million reduced net debt following the refinancing and distribution to shareholders in 2011/12. Leverage* fell to below four times EBITDA.

*as defined by the group’s Senior Facilities Agreement.
**as defined on page 30


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