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For dealers

We operate across  all levels and sizes of automotive dealers in the UK, covering car dealers as well as a wide range on non-car dealers, from bikes to motorhomes and tractors. In total we have c.13,000 customers, across the following segments:

  • Home traders;
  • Small and large independents;
  • Small and large franchises;
  • Car supermarkets.

Dealer portal


A dedicated web based application that allows trade customers to upload and manage stock with ease. Accessible on the move with the mobile app and full tablet compatibility, Portal helps dealers control their advertising, view performance and track sales leads.

Our range of advertising and digital marketing solutions are found here, offering dealers targeted opportunities to generate qualified leads, convert those leads into sales and effectively measure their return on investment.


Dealer Update


The Dealer Update website offers the latest and most relevant news for independent and franchised dealers along with manufacturers, as well as video car reviews. The site also provides a strong digital focus with information, intelligence and insight, offering digital marketing expertise to the automotive industry.

Image Services


This wing of 2ndByte provides photographic services across a broad range of requirements, from standard car photography of up to ten shots, to leading edge interactive 360 degree panoramas, portraits, and premises photography.

Spanning the whole UK, Image Services supplies imagery for new and used vehicles and currently produces over 40,000 images each week.

Specialised Photoshop technicians are on hand to enhance all products, and we also offer QC training and support services to our DIY customers.

Reporting tools


Our dealers need to know how well their advertising is returning on their investment, so we've made big improvements to our reporting products to give advertisers real insight into advertising performance - via telephone, website and vehicle price comparison tools to enable dealers to remain competitive.

Auto Trader Price Index


In August 2011, Auto Trader launched its new Quarterly Price Index which monitors the movement in advertised prices for second hand cars on autotrader.co.uk. The report has been designed to help dealers compete in a busy marketplace and to keep ahead of the market conditions.

The Index highlights opportunities to improve UK dealers' performance, pinpointing sectors of the used car market which offer profits and even price increases in an otherwise squeezed British economy.

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