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27 January 2014
More stock brings more buyers and an increase in leads for Auto Trader customers
(PDF 68.36KB)

06 January 2014
Rising demand for luxury, executive and 4x4 cars suggests improving consumer confidence
(PDF 50.87KB)

17 December 2013
Auto Trader works to make buying and selling an effortless journey
(PDF 48.61KB)

03 December 2013
Award winning i-Control makes big data work for retailers
(PDF 46.87KB)

29 November 2013
Aston Barclay now featuring Deltapoint’s market intelligence data
(PDF 27KB)

28 November 2013
British motorists still turned off by electric despite £400m Government investment
(PDF 123.87KB)

28 November 2013
Time for dealers to play the stock market
(PDF 51.65KB)

22 August 2013
Unique visitors increase 21 percent in first six months as total searches for used vans hit 28.5 million
(PDF 46.39KB)

14 August 2013
Motorists prepared to splash the cash for increased safety
(PDF 118.76KB)

14 August 2013
Brits demand theory and practical driving skills taught in schools
(PDF 117.24KB)

01 August 2013
Boost for Triumph as searches increase 24% in 2013
(PDF 101.52KB)

30 July 2013
Dealers warned that responsive website design isn’t an optimal solution for mobile consumers
(PDF 55.92KB)

16 July 2013
Barclaycard boosts Auto Trader’s Partners Club benefits
(PDF 48.25KB)

09 July 2013
100 dealers generate 100,000 used vehicle appraisals since February with i-Control
(PDF 25.85KB)

02 July 2013
Auto Trader creates UK first digital magazine cover to celebrate the final edition of its printed titles
(PDF 74.9KB)

18 June 2013
New classified advertising packages for Franchise dealers give more flexibility
(PDF 48.26KB)

17 June 2013
12,000+ vehicles now available via Autotrade-mail’s unique MultiSource stock locator
(PDF 63.03KB)

15 May 2013
Older drivers, a menace on UK roads?
(PDF 64.07KB)

13 May 2013
Goodwood’s Festival of Speed Cathedral Paddock presented by Auto Trader
(PDF 68.73KB)

07 May 2013
Trader Media Group completes digital transition
(PDF 164.79KB)

01 May 2013
Auto Trader teams up with Dave for new TV campaign
(PDF 69.15KB)

30 April 2013
Auto Trader Retail Price Index reports an increase in used car prices in Q1
(PDF 66.4KB)

19 April 2013
Searches for white cars on Auto Trader go from 2.5 million to 18 million in just five years
(PDF 48.55KB)

03 April 2013
The Click Awards to recognise manufacturer and dealer digital excellence
(PDF 199.34KB)

03 April 2013
Trevor Mather appointed CEO of Trader Media Group
(PDF 117.61KB)

02 April 2013
Unique MultiSource stock locator for dealers, a remarketing industry first from Autotrade-mail
(PDF 332.27KB)

11 March 2013
One in four Live Chat conversations can lead to a sale
(PDF 48.66KB)

28 February 2013
21% increase in Auto Trader new car searches reflects rise in private demand
(PDF 48.98KB)

27 February 2013
Remarketing through Autotrade-mail sees 25% increase in ex-fleet vehicles
(PDF 52.18KB)

25 February 2013
Cross-platform capability a dealer priority as Auto Trader mobile users hit 3.5 million in one month
(PDF 68.3KB)

20 February 2013
Auto Trader Retail Price Index reports 2.4% fall in used car prices in 2012
(PDF 69.09KB)

20 February 2013
Young drivers priced off UK roads as costs soar
(PDF 65.26KB)

18 February 2013
Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns set to benefit RAZSOR dealers
(PDF 71.45KB)

11 February 2013
Mobile leads RAZSOR growth
(PDF 38.06KB)

08 February 2013
New car sales to increase 2.7 percent to 2.1 million in 2013, predicts Trader Media Group
(PDF 64.65KB)

01 February 2013
250,000 cars in dealer-to-dealer trading in 2012 as average wholesale prices increase 2.5 percent
(PDF 68.16KB)

31 January 2013
Honda CBR beats Yamaha YZF and Suzuki GSXR in 2012 used bike choice honours
(PDF 66.34KB)

25 January 2013
Bentley stars as searches for top marques increase 33% in 2012, reports Auto Trader
(PDF 67.78KB)

18 January 2013
Transit and Transporter battle for top used van choice honours in 2012
(PDF 46.05KB)

15 January 2013
Top Marques launches new website to offer 100,000 premium cars
(PDF 55.03KB)

10 January 2013
Dealers urged to maximise digital marketing opportunities as consumers go mobile
(PDF 38.92KB)

07 January 2013
Auction-only policy may compromise wholesale values
(PDF 51.79KB)

04 January 2013
Auto Trader’s new TV, radio, digital and mobile campaign kicks off with FA Cup
(PDF 47.58KB)

02 January 2013
Auto Trader announces new partnership with Yahoo! Cars
(PDF 47.77KB)

12 December 2012
Auction-only policy may compromise part exchange values
(PDF 51.73KB)

10 December 2012
Jaguar Land Rover Chinas Approved Programme supported by 2nd Byte
(PDF 242.73KB)

07 December 2012
Deltapoint strengthens management team with appointment of Performance Partners
(PDF 25.61KB)

05 December 2012
Live Chat launched by Van Trader
(PDF 206.95KB)

28 November 2012
Richard Hardie sees unique visitors up 80% and bounce rate down 86%
(PDF 59.7KB)

20 November 2012
Auto Trader’s Top 10 iconic British cars
(PDF 71.31KB)

15 November 2012
Dover Ford boosted by RAZSOR
(PDF 39.33KB)

14 November 2012
Auto Trader breaks 11m uniques barrier and sets new record
(PDF 68.56KB)

08 November 2012
Supply of £14k+ cars can meet demand as searches top 2 million each month
(PDF 48.8KB)

06 November 2012
UK drivers want technology to provide a hands-free future
(PDF 209.97KB)

05 November 2012
Auto Trader Retail Price Index reports increase in used car prices during Q3 2012
(PDF 68.46KB)

31 October 2012
Haggle-hardened Brits barter more than £900 off the price of cars
(PDF 64.89KB)

18 October 2012
RAZSOR goes from 0 to 4,500 customers in just two years
(PDF 39.16KB)

18 October 2012
Unique i-Control software takes the uncertainty out of used car retailing
(PDF 25.97KB)

18 October 2012
Auto Trader records tumble as dealers take advantage of TV ad
(PDF 201.96KB)

18 October 2012
Auto Trader to launch new consumer publication for tablets
(PDF 201.59KB)

18 October 2012
Next Generation Portal – redefining the way dealers manage their online advertising
(PDF 248.83KB)

09 October 2012
RAZSOR enters into strategic alliance with Google in an automotive first
(PDF 62.83KB)

05 October 2012
Unique i-Control software to change the face of used car retailing
(PDF 25.22KB)

03 October 2012
Auto Trader celebrates new car offering on Twitter with #winMiiwithAT
(PDF 197.79KB)

19 September 2012
Zillah Byng-Maddick appointed interim Chief Executive
(PDF 74.08KB)

12 September 2012
Searches for £14k+ cars increase by 10%, reports Auto Trader
(PDF 67.4KB)

10 September 2012
Autotrade-mail partners with BCA
(PDF 57.72KB)

10 September 2012
Auto Trader launches new TV campaign on Sky, ITV1, Channel 4 and online
(PDF 48.57KB)

03 September 2012
Used car trade prices almost back to pre-recession levels, reports Autotrade-mail
(PDF 62.84KB)

22 August 2012
Pre-registrations create a nearly-new market accounting for 2 percent of cars offered for sale
(PDF 97.09KB)

16 August 2012
Auto Trader pilots new Instant Offer service to help dealers source stock
(PDF 93.25KB)

14 August 2012
Auto Trader improves searches and provides boost for new car advertisers
(PDF 94.23KB)

13 August 2012
Ford to Ferrari - 250,000 used cars available to dealers through Autotrade-mail
(PDF 63.66KB)

06 August 2012
Auto Trader identifies BMW 3-series as most searched convertible
(PDF 97.35KB)

03 August 2012
Guaranteed commission for dealers as Auto Trader partners with Aviva Driveaway
(PDF 110.38KB)

01 August 2012
New Auto Traders owners guide reveals motorists concerns
(PDF 136.13KB)

31 July 2012
Market Tracker helps improve Peter Vardy results
(PDF 96.11KB)

31 July 2012
Q2 Owners' Guide revelations
(PDF 414.04KB)

23 July 2012
It’s good to talk – Cambria uses Live Chat to turn warm leads into hot prospects
(PDF 97.1KB)

17 July 2012
Dire Straits beats Queen in Auto Trader top driving song poll
(PDF 94.92KB)

03 July 2012
Full year results for the year ended 1 April 2012
(PDF 205.55KB)

28 June 2012
Autotrade-mail introduces industry leading Trade Safe payment service
(PDF 63.18KB)

27 June 2012
Trader Media Group acquires Deltapoint
(PDF 78KB)

25 June 2012
Auto Trader launches first ever Goodwood Festival of Speed mobile app
(PDF 165.31KB)

21 June 2012
Fuel economy still more important than emissions reports Auto Trader
(PDF 94.73KB)

20 June 2012
1 million consumers can’t be wrong
(PDF 95.81KB)

06 June 2012
Moving Motor Show to showcase Auto Trader’s heritage and digital expertise
(PDF 95.83KB)

06 June 2012
Auto Trader celebrates 35 year heritage with launch of new storytelling advertising campaign
(PDF 327.89KB)

31 May 2012
Richard Hardie SEO boosted by RAZSOR
(PDF 86.1KB)

28 May 2012
British drivers loyal to home grown motors
(PDF 236.71KB)

25 May 2012
Free-to-list weekends begin on biketrader.co.uk
(PDF 133.15KB)

23 May 2012
Aston Martin Vantage is top convertible reports Auto Trader
(PDF 94.65KB)

02 May 2012
Auto Trader introduces new Flexible Packages for independent dealers
(PDF 95.33KB)

30 April 2012
Autotrader is top automotive website in 2011
(PDF 97.29KB)

30 April 2012
Trader Media Group appoints new B2B PR agency
(PDF 80.76KB)

26 April 2012
Used car prices fall as running costs soar
(PDF 542.98KB)

25 April 2012
Used car prices fall 3.9 percent in Q1 2012 following increase in volume of older cars
(PDF 129.92KB)

23 April 2012
Auto Trader introduces Flexible Packages to meet the needs of independent dealers
(PDF 49.56KB)

20 April 2012
Auto Trader trials Quick Sale service to support provision of stock to dealers
(PDF 93.06KB)

18 April 2012
Dealer Portal Mobile app continues to drive dealer business
(PDF 98.04KB)

03 April 2012
2012 Goodwood Moving Motor Show presented by Auto Trader
(PDF 94.92KB)

02 March 2012
Auto Trader announces 150 percent rise in searches from mobile phones
(PDF 95.73KB)

02 March 2012
RAZSOR goes from 0 to 3000 customers in just 15 months
(PDF 88.15KB)

02 March 2012
New B2B Marketing Director at Trader Media Group
(PDF 81.06KB)

02 March 2012
Auto Trader Price Index identifies BMW 3 series as most searched car on Autotrader.co.uk
(PDF 99.57KB)

02 March 2012
Auto Trader’s Dealer Community social network goes from strength to strength
(PDF 95.59KB)

28 November 2011
Interim results for the six months ended 2 October 2011
(PDF 37.81KB)

10 November 2011
Italian business sold
(PDF 8.85KB)

27 June 2011
Trader Media Group - Full Year Results
(PDF 179.15KB)

28 February 2011
Auto Trader introduces its revolutionary New Car site
(PDF 132.45KB)

16 February 2011
Oodle brings Auto Trader and Facebook Marketplace together
(PDF 18.51KB)

26 January 2011
Expansion into China with investment in iAutos.cn
(PDF 13.22KB)

09 December 2010
Goodwood teams up with Auto Trader for Moving Motor Show
(PDF 91.36KB)

23 November 2010
Auto Trader launches one stop online shop for consumers concerned about VAT hike
(PDF 25.52KB)

11 November 2010
Safety last!
(PDF 24.13KB)

11 October 2010
Rising VAT means Christmas cut backs
(PDF 22.29KB)

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