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Owner Reviews

Quarterly Owners’ Guide

Our Quarterly Owners’ Guide reports, launched in August 2012, provide key insights into the UK automotive market place and motorists’ latest buying and selling behaviour. The reports also contain our Auto Trader Retail Price Index, giving you our valuable intelligence on the price of used cars.

Publication Date Filetype HTML Version
Owners' guide Q3 2013 28/11/2013 pdf (3MB)
Owners' Guide Q2 2013 14/08/2013 pdf (6MB)
Owners' Guide Q1 2013 15/05/2013 pdf (2MB)
Owners' Guide Q4 2012 20/02/2013 pdf (2MB)
Owners' Guide Q3 2012 31/10/2012 pdf (3MB)
Owners' Guide Q2 2012 07/08/2012 pdf (3MB)
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