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Corporate news releases

27 June 2011
Trader Media Group - Full Year Results
(PDF 179.15KB)

28 February 2011
Auto Trader introduces its revolutionary New Car site
(PDF 132.45KB)

16 February 2011
Oodle brings Auto Trader and Facebook Marketplace together
(PDF 18.51KB)

26 January 2011
Expansion into China with investment in iAutos.cn
(PDF 13.22KB)

09 December 2010
Goodwood teams up with Auto Trader for Moving Motor Show
(PDF 91.36KB)

23 November 2010
Auto Trader launches one stop online shop for consumers concerned about VAT hike
(PDF 25.52KB)

11 November 2010
Safety last!
(PDF 24.13KB)

11 October 2010
Rising VAT means Christmas cut backs
(PDF 22.29KB)

10 November 2011
Italian business sold
(PDF 8.85KB)

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